How to sew curves

Oh, curves. Some love ‘em, some fear them. And while I may not always be overjoyed about my own curves (and ever-tightening jeans), creating them in patchwork form is something I can’t get enough of.

If you’re a member of Team Terrified when it comes to curved piecing then fear not! With the help of my camera-wielding quilt boyfriend, I’ve put together a super-speedy video to cover the basics of veering off the straight and narrow.

From folding and aligning to pinning and pressing, we’ll cover Drunkard’s Path, Orange Peel and Double Drunkard’s Path blocks – everything you need to piece up my new Freshly Squeezed pattern!

Top tips for piecing curves:

  1. Sew the pieces together slowly with the needle in the down position, pivoting regularly to avoid puckering.  

  2. Use a pin or tweezers to hold the last 1/4in or so of fabric to make sure you have an even 1/4in seam all the way around the curve.

  3.  You may find starching helps to stop the curves from warping too much.

  4. Pins are your friend! You may want to use less than me, you may want to use more than me – either way they’re a definite helping hand.

  5. It may help to shorten your stitch length to make the machine move slightly slower and to make the curve look smoother.

  6. I find that pressing seams open makes for a smoother curve.  

  7. If you’re a newbie to curves, start off with larger blocks. Small curved seams tend to be fiddly and require more patience.

  8. Practise makes perfect!


Conquer curves and make your own Freshly Squeezed pattern! Get yours now.